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"There can be no keen revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children."


///////// YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE ////////


In today's society, we are seeing unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide. Our youth are especially vulnerable. Suicide is the now the second leading cause of death for 15 - 24 year olds. Every minute, a child attempts suicide; and, every 12.3 minutes, a child is successful.

Over 20% of youth between the ages of 13 and 18 suffer from a mental health condition. In the past decade, the number of teens prescribed psychotropic drugs has increased sevenfold. More than 27% of children grow up without a father in the home.




The next generation is suffering and, if nothing is done to solve these problems, things are only going to deteriorate. We are now seeing the consequences of past generations that neglected these issues. Males between the ages of 35 and 55 are now the fastest growing category of suicide. And the suicide rate for women between the ages of 45 and 65 rose by more than 63% in the past decade.

There is a myth that these statistics only affect a certain sector of the population. These problems do not distinguish between race, sex or income level. Society is suffering from mass dysfunction.


//////// YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE ////////


We do what no one else is willing to do. We regularly work with agencies like The FBI, Child Protective Services and others to uncover child sex abuse rings, child neglect, parental alcoholic abuse and drug abuse. We have spent over 15,000 hours going knees to knees with youth and working on the issues that matter most to them.

We have found that youth are completely disconnected from who they truly are and are being forced to be what their environment dictates and the world demands them to be. The solution lies in building an internal world of worth.

Everything we do is about building worth.


So how are we rescuing humanity from dysfunction?

Our 3 step system (E³) is the solution to building a world of worth. A HUMAN PROJECT is literally rescuing humanity from dysfunction.

Extraction begins with sending A HUMAN PROJECT (AHP) ambassadors to schools, churches and community centers. Our ambassadors share vulnerable, raw stories with the youth and allow them to come forward to tell their stories. For every 1,000 youth our ambassadors interact with, 200 youth will come forward.


Our ambassadors spend over 30 hours one on one with these youth.

Our ambassadors spend over 30 hours one on one with these youth. Out of that group, dozens are in need of community support and agency assistance (FBI and/or Child Protective Services). These youth include all sectors of the population, ranging from low income to high income, from popular to outcast, from heterosexual to LGBTQ etc.

Through the extraction process, AHP identifies the youth who are in great need of assistance. These youth are able to release the heavy burden that comes from their environmental circumstances. We then begin the education process.


Our team has been supporting thousands of youth in taking them from where they are to where they want to be. We have done this through re-educating them on the possibilities of life.

Every summer, we host CAMP HUMAN, a place where youth disconnect from technology and their normal environment and are re-grounded in who they are. We spend 15% of the time at camp dealing with the youths' painful pasts and 85% of the time developing their core identities and internal worth. 


CAMP HUMAN is entirely free of cost to youth and their families.

We are currently developing a gamified, interactive, rewards-based online education platform for youth.

The educational resources contained in the platform will consist of courses such as: How to Stop Cutting, How to Communicate With Your Parents, How to Play the Guitar, How to Start a Business, How to Excel in a Job Interview, How to Properly Exercise and many other foundational and accelerated learning opportunities.

In running our online platform beta, we allowed 1,000 youth to register. 89% of that 1,000 continued to use the platform for nearly 8 months, spending an average of 6 hours a week consuming the courses. The beta was a tremendous success and our team is aggressively working to produce the next version of the online platform, which will be available to all youth around the globe, at no expense.

Through education, we are able to unlock the internal potential and worth of youth. When this happens, they are ready for the next evolution of their journey.

While humanity is constantly evolving it is important for youth to be able to self direct their own evolution. This is the most critical step to creating impact and true change. Internal worth can not be maintained without opportunity.


"Change without real application is doomed from the start."

- Wesley Chapman

AHP provides youth with access to job internships, small business loans and mentors in professional occupations. In 2017, AHP will launch DREAMU - a micro loan program, which will enable youth to work toward achieving their dreams. Loans will range from a few hundred dollars, to several thousand. DREAMU will give youth the opportunity to continue their self directed evolution.